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If you are a jacka** stop claiming to love God

Today’s post is a venting session. Confession is a great thing when done the right way, to the right person and coming from a genuine heart and mind.

I’m not perfect and screw up daily. I love deeply and honestly. I value speaking the truth in love. Here is my truth speaking this week…

If you are rude, negative, hate people, gossip, think you are always right, get offended easily, treat people who don’t believe like you disrespectfully, think you are too good to go to a bad part of town, judge others, or you constantly have any other harmful attitude….PLEASE do not claim to be a Christ follower.

News flash, Jesus loved, served, forgave and spent time with the lowest  people in society. Zacheus was a thief, the woman at the well was a whore, Mary and Joseph were poor…

Jesus also didn’t have time to get caught up in petty drama, focus on people’s feelings who were too sensitive and selfish, He was the hardest on those who thought they knew God. They were so legalistic that the missed the whole point! Jesus came to seek the lost. You have to realize you are lost though before you realize you need help.

If you are a negative, hateful person and think you are a child of God, I question that sincerity of your relationship. So before you say you have a relationship with Jesus to others, check yourself… When is the last time you prayed, loved the unlovely and listened…? Do you really have a relationship with Christ?

If you are struggling with the sin of a bad attitude, give it to God and ask him to help you change. Enlist good friends who will hold you accountable, not always agree with you, and speak truth to you in love even if you don’t always want to hear it! Get counseling to help with your negativity. Look for opportunities to show grace to others. Help restore people who’ve screwed up by forgiving them not blasting them. Also look at how your time is spent.. Are you helping others or are you only focused on yourself? Turn your gossiping into prayer time. You’ll be amazed once you try to be positive and loving how much better you’ll feel…

Loving speaking truth today,


Pictures of godly friends!.. Go to a concert, help a friend move, go have lunch with a kid… Instead of hating others…


By Natalie Atwell Counseling

Dr. Natalie Atwell is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor in NC and a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor. She values being transparent, honest, knowing when to be silly and when not to be silly (which isn't that often) and thinks laughter is a gift from God.

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AMEN….read the book Jesus >Religion? You’d like, young 23 old wrote and in line with your comments.

Take care, Leigh Ann

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